Scratch Pad: Negativland, AI, Comics

I do this manually each Saturday, usually in the morning over coffee: collating most of the little comments I’ve made on social media (as well as related notes), which I think of as my public scratch pad, during the preceding week. These days that mostly means Sometimes the material pops up earlier or in expanded form.

▰ Oh, cool. The Wire has a new design — and that mention of Negativland on the cover of the issue due out next week is for a new documentary I reviewed, Stand By for Failure, directed by Ryan Worsley.

▰ Best spam comment my blog has received in quite a while (this was on a post simply titled “520 Hz”)

▰ “Traverse the world’s lush soundscapes and record them with defined, dimensional precision.” Season: A Letter to the Future, a new video game in which a young woman collects memories, including audio field recordings, of a world in decline, is available as of today, after a long long wait, on PlayStation and Steam.

▰ Not all AI art looks like it belongs framed on a wall in Beaker’s living room, but if it looks like it belongs framed on a wall in Beaker’s living room then it’s likely AI art.

▰ Maybe 2023 has just melted my brain, but this captcha looks like it was created by an AI:

▰ Me a week ago: I really don’t care about whatever DC’s big new movie/TV changes turn out to be.

Me this morning: What?! There’s an Authority movie coming?! I am deeply invested in all casting news, especially Jack Hawksmoor.

▰ Sometimes you just need to stop reading that book you’ve been reading and move on (not a book I’ve mentioned here)

▰ Dang, the #HourlyComicsDay2023 hashtag yields exactly one participant from my Mastodon vantage. I recommend looking on Instagram if small-press comics are your thing.

▰ It’s a good day when I spell R. Murray Schafer’s name correctly the first time.

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