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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

Marc Weidenbaum

Sawtooth Waves IRL

Or: Horticulture at work

I was mostly struck by the quiet irony of the word “plant” on the sign. Only later, when I got home from my walk, did I connect the orange and white angles on the sign to the angles at the top of the fence, and how the top of the fence casts a serrated shadow on the sidewalk. (Someone on Twitter subsequently pointed out that the sawtooth could, itself, be a musical score.)

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Rhythm, Approaches, Publishing, and Unlike Minds

Four Disquiet Junto observations from community member Marty Petkovich

Joule, aka Marty Petkovich, today posted the following four thoughts about the Disquiet Junto music community, which is based around weekly composition prompts. I am reproducing them here (from the message board) with Marty’s permission:

  1. It creates a weekly rhythm in the creative process — even when I can’t participate, I think about where I would take the challenge upon release of the prompt.

  2. It forces me to use equipment and technology that I might not otherwise try, and I am always happy to move past the barrier of new approaches

  3. It forces me to publish/produce which is really the only way to get ideas out of my own head and into another medium. Ideas are easy, producing them is hard – and material only gets better when there is a persistent effort to build a volume of work.

  4. It provides an audience of unlike-minded artists having vastly greater talent and with so many different approaches to the same challenge who listen and thoughtfully comment on the work — even if the listening is only the first 15 seconds, it means that I should make the first 15 seconds worth hearing.

If Marty’s name is familiar, it may be because he proposed the Carillon Quotidian project we did back in April:

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Gaseous Shimmering Ambience

From Tokyo-based Yreil

There is gaseous shimmering ambience, and there there is gaseous shimmering ambience, and few things shimmer like “Solitaire,” a new track from Yreil, aka Christian Yreil. It is a massive billowing orchestral pause, like someone caught in bullet time a split second of the tuning-up just before a symphony gets underway, and then managed to extend it, lingering in its luxuriant spaciousness for well over five minutes.

Track originally posted at Yreil, who has a second SoundCloud account,, is based in Tokyo, Japan. Found via a repost by Marco Lucchi.

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A mesostic

   The whoLe
  device tO be swapped, ending 
an era, I Console myself with a few
    final Key clicks.
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From the past week

I do this manually each Saturday, collating recent tweets I made at, which I think of as my public notebook. Some tweets pop up (in expanded form or otherwise) on sooner. It’s personally informative to revisit the previous week of thinking out loud.

▰ Been re-watching Downton Abbey and thinking about the way it maps the adoption of technology as time passes (electric lights, cars, a blender, a radio), and was about to tweet a quote (“Mrs. Patmore is not what you’d call a futurist”), only to find when I searched Google that I had done so when it first aired. Later: “Why is it called a wireless when there are so many wires?” This is something said by Daisy when a radio is brought into the house for the first time, thanks to the king being due to make a broadcast announcement.

▰ Guitar class update: I haven’t been this into triads since I was addicted to Hong Kong crime movies.

▰ “Your gift is quite destructive but look at the music you can make.” (Been re-watching Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)

▰ I think there is an insect crawling slowly across my phone’s upturned face. It is the reflection a bird hovering outside the window.

▰ The term “Surrealism Tycoon” is certainly my kinda headline clickbait. And this is totally the raw material for a sequel to China Miéville’s The Last Days of New Paris: “Arturo Schwarz, Refugee Who Became a Surrealism Tycoon, Dies at 97,” via

▰ Guessing this bypassed “United States Sells Unique Wu-Tang Clan Album Forfeited by Convicted Hedge Fund Manager Martin Shkreli”

▰ My favorite pithy summary of the Disquiet Junto music community is Ethan Hein’s. He said in effect that I write record reviews of music that doesn’t exist yet and then internet strangers make it real. I’m not sure I could improve on that. The 500th weekly project begins July 29.

▰ “I blink with fatigue, and my eyelashes make an infinitesimal, inaudible sound against the felt whiteness of the pillows slope.” Been thinking about @espejoacustico‘s suggestion we finally get around to a proper Pessoa-themed Junto project. It is the Disquiet Junto, after all.

▰ I highly recommend the Take5 email from the Japan Times ( a free (English) daily newsletter of five top stories, a glimpse into what’s happening. I wish more newspapers from countries where I don’t read the language did it. Maybe they do. Any recommendations?

▰ There are days when using the browser interface for the New York Times crossword is like pushing back on a ouija board against a particularly strident spirit.

▰ Cool. There’s a new entry, all about the Disquiet Junto, on the ever-growing Music Games Wiki:

▰ Yes, but when do we get the 5-CD expanded box set of George Harrison’s Electric Sound album?

▰ Tinyletter has become a drag, which is part of why I haven’t published a This Week in Sound email in quite a while. I’m looking to switch to Buttondown or an alternative. Trying out some options. So far, Buttondown seems pretty cool.

▰ It was a week:

🗹 buncha work
🗹 longform writing
🗹 cheating on longform writing
🗹 Disquiet daily
🗹 Junto 500
🗹 guitar study
🗹 exercise
🗹 gallery review filed
☐ email catch-up
🗹 home office remedies (standing)
🗹 digital tool revisions (newsletter)
🗹 sign off til Monday

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