Tangents (printless, networks, multitrack)

Quick Links, News and Good Reads: (1) The Hafler Trio is planning a subscription service for limited-edition releases (brainwashed.com). … (2) Grooves magazine is ceasing to be a print publication, the website announced earlier this month, opting to become a subscriber-supported website (groovesmag.com); in related news, the website has launched a podcast, hosted by the magazine’s editor, Sean Portnoy (groovesmag.com/podcast). … (3) W. Brent Latta has some initial thoughts on the musical properties of Microsoft’s newest gaming platform, the Xbox 360 (createdigitalmusic.com). … (4) DJ Krush announced in a note on his website earlier this month that his next album will be a double-disc best-of, featuring remixes, one half instrumental and one half rap, due out in 2006 (mmjp.or.jp/sus/krush). … (5) Zoe Irvine‘s sound art event involved a 24-hour quasi-party line where whenever you called in you heard someone, somewhere around the globe, singing. One inspiration was the “theatrophone” of the late 1800s: “Networks were set up, allowing subscribers to hear live performances in opera houses and theatres, much as an outside broadcast works today” (timesonline.co.uk). … (6) R.I.P, Link Wray (1929-2005), guitarist and speaker-cone splitter (nme.com, nytimes.com, newsobserver.com).

… Select New Releases: (1) The Village Orchestra‘s Et in Arcadia Ego (Highpoint Lowlife); see the November 13 Disquiet.com field notes (link). … (2) Herbaliser with Jean Grae‘s Nah’Mean, Nah’m Saying 12″ (Ninja Tune), with an instrumental cut and a Platinum Pied Pipers remix. … (3) A bunch of Van Der Graaf Generator rereleases, including H to He Who Am the Only One, Pawn Hearts and The Least We Can Do Is Wave to Each Other (Caroline).

… Disquiet Heavy Rotation: (1) Greg Davis and Sebastien Roux‘s Paquet Surprise (Carpark): Don’t let Davis’ well-deserved reputation for folktronic transience, or the lulling sensibility of this album’s opening track, let you be taken off guard. Paquet Surprise, which teams Davis with Roux, a fellow at IRCAM (the legendary experimental-music institution) and a contributor to the 12k record label’s guitronic compilation (E·A·D·G·B·E), is as anxious to irritate as it is to please. For every expanse of placid ease here, there is a sharp call for attention. … (2) Nine HorsesSnow Borne Sorrow (Samadhisound): Nine Horses is three men: David Sylvian and Steve Jansen (two thirds of the band Japan, that legendarily graceful pop-fusion act) plus Burnt Friedman, the dub-minded electronic composer.

… Quote of the Week: Autechre‘s Rob Brown talks with the Japan Times: “Everyone’s got a multitrack studio in their bedroom, or in their pocket, these days” (japantimes.co.jp).

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