Command-Line Searches: Yubnub “DQ”

There is now a command for, “a (social) command line for the web.”The command “dq”in yubnub now searches the entire website. More detailed info on the specific command at

As I mentioned when I created a previous yubnub command, “bpm” (see back on August 13, 2006), yubnub is, not unlike Tivo and RSS, so useful that it’s difficult to describe. Just imagine being able to do routine tasks, most of them search-based, from a single webpage (or, better yet, a search box in your browser).

How does it work? For example, entering “dq monolake” into yubnub brings up all posts on that include mention of Monolake. Better yet, for those seeking MP3s, “dq mp3 monolake” will bring up all mentions of “Monolake” and “MP3” — most of which are Disquiet Downstream entries of free MP3s available by Monolake.

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