Quote of the Week: Electric Infancy

On the influence of electronic toys on today’s musicians:

After all, arguably, electronic toys are the midwives and nursemaids of gamers.

Electronic toys were what we played with before we even knew what video games were. In their stilted, stuttering voices they taught us to count, to spell, to recognize shapes. They sat on our bedside tables and told us the time, and with a pull of a ripcord they repeated the lines of our favorite TV show, our celebrity idol, our most beloved creature from Sesame Street, The Smurfs, The Wombles, The Muppet Show. They played music to us when no-one would pay us attention. And they let us make our own music, even when we couldn’t play a tune.

From an article by Drew Taylor at gamasutra.com about Toydeath, an Australian band of circuitbenders (toydeath.com).

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