Tangents / Video Streams (ping pong, Electroplankton, anechoic …)

Videos Worth Streaming: Robot orchestra made of ping pong balls and glasses (engadget.com). … And a band whose instruments are a Nintendo DS (with Electroplankton) and two handheld Apple products (dhadm.com). … Music made only from sounds from the Windows OS (youtube.com — easily six or seven people sent this link to me separately, and thanks to you all). … A harp made from laser beams (engadget.com). … Ancient interview with Robert Fripp in an anechoic chamber (youtube.com, via twitter.com/kucharo). … The Meek FM, by Rob Meek and Frank Miller, is where fonts and synthesizers meet (meekfm.org, via engadget.com). … Scratching video vinyl (createdigitalmotion.com). … A sequencer triggered by bubble gum (engadget.com). … And a similar one, with ball bearings (engadget.com). … Howard Sandroff on the early days of what became Max/MSP (gearwire.com). … Australian documentary on Japanese experimental music (pinktentacle.com). The site refers to it as “experimental Japanese music,” but that may be the subject for another documentary. … Kenneth Kirschner in concert (via his brother’s blog, billinexile.com). … Winners of last year’s Circuit Building Challenge (createdigitalmusic.com). … Destroying nine Buddha Machines (youtube.com).

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