Tangents / Macero, Mosquito, videos …

Quick News, Links, Bits, Reads: A belated R.I.P. for Teo Macero, studio maven and Miles Davis fellow maverick (latimes.com, nytimes.com, jazztimes.com, pitchforkmedia.com). … The Mosquito, a high-pitched anti-truancy weapon mentioned here previously (disquiet.com, disquiet.com), is under investigation by England’s commissioner for children (nytimes.com). … Creating music from Pi at (avoision.com, via engadget.com and boingboing.net). … Circular analog synth (future-retro.com, via engadget.com). … Why do beluga whales enjoy the clarinet note G? Ask collisiondetection.net. … Urban sound is one of the factors that Dan Hill wrestles with in his essay on “the street of the future” (cityofsound.com, via williamgibsonbooks.com). … A review of a Robert Henke (aka Monolake) performance at a planetarium (skynoise.net). … Heather Powazek Champ meditates on a “bag of hush” (hchamp.com). … An album made entirely from the Kaossilator (createdigitalmusic.com). … An “instrument” by Jun Murakoshi that amplifies the world, much like a seashell (junmurakoshi.com, via boingboing.net). It’s a prototype, so you can’t purchase one down by the seashore yet. … Thread on “victorian synthesizer” at the freakangels.com/whitechapel forum, spun from the steampunk webcomic. … An album of Kraftwerk covers ends with a cease and desist form Sony (audioobjekt.com). Apparently the Fourth Law of Robotics has to do with not coveting thy neighbor’s source code.

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