Image of the Week: Kusmirowski’s Studio

This is UHER.C, a recording studio constructed by artist Robert Kusmirowski inside the Guido Costa gallery in Turino, Italy (November 8, 2008 – February 28, 2009).

From the Costa site:

    Mechanics and electronics are the ideal borders of artistic experimentation. … This could be November 1971, but also a summer day in 1967, in the company of Laura Spiegel; that could also be Hawkwind at the mixing desk, or a youthful Brian Eno in a raging hormonal storm, more drag-queen that sculptor of sound than those we get nowadays.

    Or, it could be none of all that.

    These are machines that simply talk to each other and only about each other.

    UHER.C gets its name for phonetic, geographic and historical reasons (respectively Hertz; UHER a mountain region in the environs of Lubin; and Mr UHER.C, a celebrated researcher into the physics of sound).

    It is an extraordinary sculpture with a thousand souls, keyboard, oscillators, microphones, amplifiers, recording devices, cables, mysterious objects, pure inventions, sounds, voices and lights. It is a living sculpture that now and again unplugs one of its souls, caged in its circuits for decades, or it gives a voice to other souls born especially for the occasion. Kusmirowski is both the father and slave of UHER.C, at once squashed by the monolithic power of its technology and seduced by its complexity.

    UHER.C is a classical, archaic sculpture that has gone berserk: it is both the nightmarish and joyous side of machine.

    At the end of the exhibition a limited edition LP will be produced of music by Robert Kusmirowski

More at, which has an English-language page. Biographical material on the artist at (Via a thoroughly illustrated post at

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