3 More Ways of Drawing Music (San Francisco)

Here are three more images from the Every Sound You Can Imagine exhibit, currently running at New Langton Arts in San Francisco. Each shows an example of the avant-garde sheet music on display. I ran two previous entries on the show: disquiet.com, disquiet.com. These three images were taken with the G1 cellphone camera, as a test. They seem to have turned out OK, though I’ll rely on my proper digital camera in the future:

A piece by John Luther Adams:

“Haiku” (1952) by John Cage:

And a detail from a page of Philip Glass‘s Einstein on the Beach:

The text in the Glass, which I believe was written by Robert Wilson, the piece’s director, reads:

    The prologue begin [sic] when the house opens and the audience enters

    Repeat three note sequence by starting note value at 20″ + 30″ + 40″

    Gradually shorten values proportionally untill [sic] tempo of knee 1 is achieved

More coverage to follow. More details at newlangtonarts.org.

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