Whole Lotta Talkin’ Goin’ On

As of this morning, uploaded 16 interviews to Disquiet.com, including what appears to be now the earliest interview on the site, one with Randy Greif, speaking in 1992 on the occasion of his reworkings of Alice in Wonderland (“The Mad Sampler”).

There are also two new (well, old, but newly re-uploaded) interviews with Amon Tobin (“Bric House,” from 1997, and “Evolution & Permutation,” from 1998), in addition to the one that’s already been up, and one new DJ Krush interview (“Krush Groove”), from 1996, in addition to the Krush interview that’s been on the site for some time now.

Also newly made available again are interviews with these musicians, in rough chronological order:

    Matt Black (of Coldcut; “Pump Up the HTML,” 1997) Patrick Carpenter (of DJ Food, performing a post-mortem on a David Byrne remix; “Anatomy of a Remix,” 1997) Bogdan Raczynski (“Turning Japanese,” 1999) Martin Gretschmann (of Console; “Rocket Man,” 2001) Chad Mossholder (of Twine; “Splices That Bind,” 2002) Garry Cobain (of Future Sound of London; “What Is Is,” 2002)

And, finally, the heads of six record labels, some of whom are also musicians. Seven, if you count Ninja Tune’s Matt Black, above, but then again, who doesn’t run a record label these days?

    Moonshine’s Steven Levy (“Digital Libations,” 1997) Extreme’s Roger Richards (“Extreme Measures,” 1997) Asphodel’s Erik Gilbert (“Electronic Flora,” 1997) Carpark’s Todd Hyman (“U.S. Robotics, Part 1,” 2002) Projekt’s Sam Rosenthal (“U.S. Robotics, Part 2,” 2002) Foundry’s Michael Bentley (“U.S. Robotics, Part 3,” 2002)

The publication dates associated with some of the articles are rough estimations. All these articles had been on Disquiet.com in the past, but had to be re-uploaded after the site was moved to WordPress on July 26, 2007 (disquiet.com). Previous to that, it had been, since December 1996, published in HTML by hand. Before that, material that later became Disquiet.com appeared on several generic URLs, hosted at places like “netcom” and “calweb.” Those were the days.

With these interviews up, the post-WordPress-upgrade cleanup is pretty much complete. There’s a backlog of small news items, which I’ll get to in the near future.

There are also older, and newer, interviews yet to be published here, including a brief Hank Roberts piece from 1988 or 1989. More to come.

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