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  • No China Mieville in the book stores at Heathrow, so I picked up a co-authored novel by Guillermo del Toro instead. #
  • Says something about the challenge to DJ Hero (the turntable’s Guitar Hero) that publicity focuses largely, still, more on rappers than DJs. #
  • Morning sounds in London: hotel building settling, neighboring HVAC whirling, alien cellphone ringtone chirping through door to hallway. #
  • Great four-act show at Fleapit in London — excellent way to end week in London. Thanks to @sideb0ard & @douglasbenford for hanging. #
  • London agenda: Berg’s Lulu at Royal Opera tonight, Boduf Songs et al. at Fleapit tomorrow, Martin Ware’s SoundLife in Leicester Sq … #
  • Morning sounds in Birmingham (UK): hotel HVAC, distant rumble (presumably traffic), (healthy) laptop fan. #
  • In Birmingham (not the one where they love the governor) for 36 hours or so. #
  • Troubling changes @ emusic: major price hike, change in pre-set contracts, (RT @Billforman et al.) #
  • Morning sounds in London: hotel’s vague attempt at air conditioning, cars racing down Kensington High Street eight floors down. #
  • Buying tickets at with @defjaf. There are over 140 titles when you register: Mr, Ms, Duke, Earl, Queen, etc. #
  • Landed in London! T-Mobile will soon make my G1 work here. Had chicken-tandori newsagent sandwich. Reading Time Out. Food later with @defjaf #
  • Morning sounds: ice pops in coffee, cars pass, kid next door stumbles around, milk bubbles amid corn flakes. Older computer, smoother fan. #
  • Twitter rocks. I mention Burmese restaurants. Now I’m “followed” by one a few blocks from work. I’m going, soon as I’m back from London… #
  • Video of John Cage’s 4’33, performed on a Nintendo DS running the DS-10 cartridge: #

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