Quote of the Week: Country in Space

From a Guardian (UK) and New Scientist interview with Brian Eno on the occasion of a new arrangement of his Apollo: Atmospheres and Soundtracks, by composer Jun Lee, to be performed on July 20 and 21 at the Science Museum in London, by the ensemble Icebreaker with pedal steel guitar player BJ Cole:

    [Q:] Why is there pedal steel guitar in the Apollo composition? [A:] When director Al Reinert approached me about doing the Apollo music — which ended up in the 1989 film For All Mankind — he told me there was music on the moon shot. Every astronaut was allowed to take one cassette of their favourite music. All but one took country and western. They were cowboys exploring a new frontier, this one just happened to be in space. We worked the piece around the idea of zero-gravity country music.

Full piece at guardian.co.uk/science and at newscientist.com.

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