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  • The Tone Lōc/Dust Bros”“sampling, MC 900 Ft. Jesus”“style monotone rap from recent True Blood: I desire the instrumental. #
  • Screen/keyboard-sharing: Synergy 1.3.1 glitchy on Vista64. Win2VNC complicated for my brain. Input Director FTW: runs but copy/paste limited #
  • Afternoon sounds: plane overhead, squeaky wheels against wood floors, distant street noise, talking below, typing, paper shuffling. #
  • Got a new notebook. Wondering what the first thing is that will begin to fill it — beyond from today's date. #
  • Didn't realize iPod Touch software update, to v. 3.0 of its OS, would take half an hour to install. Wasn't completed before my bus commute. #
  • If you Twitter it's #followfriday: label @ghostlyint & musician @fieldswn (aka William Fields) & musician @jimmybehan (aka Jimmy Behan) #
  • RIP, photographer Julius Shulman (b. 1910), friend to modernism. RT compactrobot #
  • Just experienced my first "1 person liked this" in Google Reader. Feels invasive, yet useful. Benjamin Franklin spins in his grave. #
  • Testing/digging new iPhone/Touch @ghostlyint app. It streams the label's catalog by mood, tempo & digital-ness. Due out next week, for free. #
  • "Inside the shack a white plastic portable radio was trying to play the big beat; it sounded like a grasshopper fight." The Rare Coin Score #
  • Afternoon sounds: fans in window, internal HVAC on high, fans overhead, coughing, typing, footsteps. … Portrait of San Francisco at 70°F. #
  • Mid-morning sounds: percussive typing from various computers; melody of someone dialing while on speaker phone. Instant instrumental pop. #
  • Man, Walter Murch works his foley off on Coppola's Tetro. It's garish, but also a sound feast: bugs, glaciers heartbeats, traffic, opera … #
  • DJ @rhawtin is live-twittering his set again, from Budapest. Join the @rhawtin Drinking Game: guess a track. … My money's on Alva Noto. #
  • Sunday afternoon sounds: not insignificant wind; buses/cars; laundry; other chore-noise; & poppy glitchy new album Middlemarch by @hecanjog #

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  1. just wanted to say thank you for posting that link to the track “dig” from the closing credits of True Blood! I posted that link at the official True Blood facebook page, someone was hoping to find out who made that track and where they could hear it, nobody had found it yet so I posted the link giving your site credit of course! Your site is one of my daily bookmarked music/sound sites, thank you for all the work you do! Peace, J.

  2. My pleasure, J. That track really jumped out at me. It’s odd that there’s so little information available online about it currently. Perhaps it’s a pseudonym? I hope we’ll learn more about whoever recorded it.

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