Tangents: Buddha, Minimal, Willits …

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The Difference Between Abstract Music & Abstract Comics (factualopinion.com): "The only real difference is that the guys who make the Buddha Machine don't start calling people idiots when they say they'd prefer a little more music with their purchase of sound," writes Tucker Stone.

Second International Conference on Minimalist Music in Kansas City September 2-6 (2ndminimalism.org): Held at University of Missouri. More details at Kyle Gann's blog artsjournal.com/postclassic: "Mikel Rouse will present and talk about his films Funding and Music for Minorities; Charlemagne Palestine will perform his organ masterpiece Schlingen-Blängen; Neely Bruce will play a Tom Johnson organ piece that consists of 70 percent silence; and Sarah Cahill and I will give Dennis Johnson's five-hour November for piano its first performance in what has to be some 47 years. … And there will be 49 papers presented, on topics from Babbitt to Feldman to Eric Richards to David Lang to Phill Niblock to Jim Fox to Julius Eastman and many others." No minimal techno, but there is, among the papers, "Early Steve Reich and Techno-utopianism" by Kerry O'Brien of Indiana University.

Still Time for Free Christopher Willits MP3? (twitter.com/willits): As of 2pm on Thursday, August 13, laptop-enabled guitarist Christopher Willits announced that his plan to give a free MP3 to the first 1,111 fans to follow him on Facebook was just 200 people shy of its conclusion. Between Facebook, Twitter, and his overlap.org efforts, Willits is not just an interesting musician to follow; he's also an interesting experimenter in using social media effectively to reach and remain connected to his audience.

Brian Eno and Jon Hassell in Conversation at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, September 22 (walkerart.org)

Steve Roden Reproduces 1938 Instructions on "Hearing Radio Through Your Teeth" (inbetweennoise.blogspot.com)

Lately Richard Devine‘s Twitter Has Been Links to Great Sound-Making Tools (twitter.com/richarddevine)

More online resources at disquiet.com/elsewhere.

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  1. I don’t know where Stone saw any abstract comix folk call anyone an idiot. Sounds like he just doesn’t like the work and wants to knock it down.

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