Images of the Week: Exploding Gristleism

Tantalizing additional updates on the Throbbing Gristle / FM3 gadget Gristleism, a new handheld looping device that combines the utilitarian ingenuity of FM3’s famed Buddha Machine with music by Throbbing Gristle. Over at, a fantastic exploded view has been uploaded. It is clearly a tribute to the exploded view of the original Buddha Machines, which suggested that there was a little Buddha inside. In the Gristleism image, we can see an old-school microphone, the sort that Bing Crosby would have sung into, plus a TV screen, and a tape reel, and other objects:

There’s also a painted version of the exploded view:

And while we’re at it, also now available is the list of the 13 loops:

01 – “Persuasion” 02 – “Hamburger Lady” 03 – “Twenty Jazz Funk Greats” 04 – “Thank You Brian” 05 – “Maggot Death” 06 – “Rabbit Snare” 07 – “Lyre Liar” 08 – “Wimpy bar” 09 – “Sex String Theory” 10 – “Heathen Earth” 11 – “Industrial Intro” 12 – “R & D” 13 – “After After Cease to Exist”

More info at Gristleism is available for pre-order now through various distributors, and is due for release in late November.

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