Image of the Week: Kannenberg’s Graphic Score

The netlabel proprietor and musician John Kannenberg has posted the third of his graphic-scores series as a PDF. Titled Landscape 3: Aerial Perspective, the work resembles a multi-color op-art construction, rectangular blocks of color interspersed in a manner that suggests a bright, almost blinding light in the distance, when in fact all there is in the center is more white than appears elsewhere. This is the score image:

The image below is a version of the score included in the piece’s written instructions. It is subtitled in the PDF as the “flow pattern for reading the score.” The instructions call for a minimum of four participants, one of whom serves as a timekeeper. Aerial Perspective lasts for 20 minutes, and requires the inclusion of a field recording that Kannenberg has made available as a downloadable file (MP3), consisting of everyday noises, including birdsong and airplanes.

More on the score at

One thought on “Image of the Week: Kannenberg’s Graphic Score

  1. that work ‘Landscape3,Aerial Perspective’ is brilliant.. it works for me because the whole linear construction operates on several levels and as a complete entity. Brilliant!

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