Top 10 Posts & Searches from October

Only half the top-10-viewed posts in October were for free-MP3 (i.e., Downstream-department) content — always a good sign, as it suggests people are reading as well as snagging music.

The non-free-MP3 entries included three of the semi-weekly MP3 Discussion Groups, in which a post’s Comments section serves as a discussion forum on a particular album: (1) Vertical Ascent by the Moritz von Oswald Trio, (2) Monochromes Vol. 1 (Line) by Tu M’, and (3) Dustland by Gentleman Losers. (Two more such groups are scheduled for the coming weeks.)

Also viewed heavily: (4) a “Quote of the Week” culled from the introduction to Seth Kim-Cohen‘s new book, In the Blink of an Ear, and (5) one of the every-Saturday, automated “what I tweeted at” entries (subjects included Cliff Martinez, the late Victor Mizzy, Jonathan Lethem‘s new novel, the Alternative Press Expo, ramen, and fog horns).

And these were the five most-checked-out free-listening entries: (6) sine-curve soundsmith Ian Hawgood, (7) electronica by Iranian solo musician Sohrab, (8) the album Preparations by Orchard & Ponds, (9) entries from Taylor Deupree‘s sound-a-day project, and (10) the first listen to a loop from the forthcoming Gristleism gadget (a collaboration between Throbbing Gristle and FM3, creators of the Buddha Machine).

The 10 most searched-for terms of the month were, in declining order of popularity: (1) marclay (as in Christian Marclay), (2) autechre, (3) exemplified, (4) makezine, (5) Buddha Machine, (6) warp (presumably the record label), (7) celer, (8) matmos, (9) unsilent (no doubt in advance of “Unsilent Night” activity this year, courtesy of Phil Kline‘s communal composition), and (10) “Best of 2008.”

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