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  • Morning sounds: general pie-making in the kitchen, footsteps next door, hard drives below desk, birds just outside window. #
  • Unsilent Night dates have been announced. The San Francisco event is December 19. Details at #
  • Typical San Francisco midweek concert conundrum: 2-hour group drone, visiting New York sound artists, or comp-music show at local college? #
  • My Gristleism box is on its way — just got the UPS tracking notification. Can't wait to team it up with my Buddha Machines. #
  • MP3 Discussion Group: Is Leyland Kirby's recent triple album too long, too dramatic, or the best break-up record ever? #
  • Introducing the album upgrade. A recent favorite, Dr. No's Ethiopium, was initially 18 tracks; now it's suddenly 36: #
  • Best thing about Notepad++? It automatically highlights multiple instances, pointing out that you've said "subtle" six times in 300 words. #
  • Nothing like an apple from your own yard. (That's meant literally, not metaphorically.) #
  • The gym doesn't require noise-canceling headphones. The gym requires music that melds with the crisscross rhythms of the machinery. #
  • The many churches in my neighborhood apparently don't just differ theologically. They also don't agree as to when, exactly, the hour occurs. #
  • Once upon a time, it was Warp, Ninja Tune, Mo' Wax: the Blue Note, Prestige, Impulse of electronica. Mo is no longer. Ninja less essential. #
  • Barber after my cut: "Man, you're just gonna put that bike helmet back on." #
  • Gym music: Broken Note's recent Terminal Static album. #

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