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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • How to clean your records with glue, from my favorite instrumental-hip-hop blog: #
  • Someone should feed the fog horns. They've been crying for some time now. #
  • Previous quote from review by @scarthomas (aka Scarlett Thomas) of Zero History by @greatdismal (aka William Gibson) #
  • "I used to play records and imagine…some other teenager on the other side of the globe was listening to the same thing at the same time." #
  • ♫ Afternoon tunes: Buddha Funk's jazztronic Soundtrack to an Imaginary Film with track "Cars and Traffic in the Distance" #
  • R. Luke DuBois on making an MP3 a day for a year (@nytimes) Bonus: the site's coterie of anti-new-music comment trolls #
  • #ff posthumous tweeter @_raymond_scott_ … live critic @geetadayal … nu-mu distribu @mimaroglu #
  • A video was made to accompany Prehab's track from our 2006 Eno/Byrne remix compilation, Our Lives in the Bush of Disquiet #
  • Really wish one could easily play Tunnel Shoot to the music from Canabalt #ios #
  • Scanner + Post Modern Jazz Quartet = 'Blink of an Eye,' the Nov album I'm now most excited about: via @robinrimbaud #
  • Wish I could make @sfemf tonite but will mostly be home listening to soothing sounds of new baby. May make one of the shows before it ends. #
  • Morning sounds: traffic, hard drives (Tivo XL more quiet than Series 2, but for now the difference in sound makes it more noticeable). #
  • One of those days when I wish Moore's Law would cease, and people would focus on maximizing what we already have. #
  • Thought the Braille art in (blind character) Auggie's room in TV's Covert Affairs said "AAC Love" (above his stereo) but it says "Love Love" #
  • The entire new album O by Oval (aka Markus Popp) currently free on @amazon (in U.S.), via @richarddevine @tobiasreber #
  • "What's that high-pitched noise coming from the new TV?" "That's the Sawako track from the @12k_label Colorfield Variations DVD" "Oh, OK." #
  • How thick is the fog? Somewhere between the opening of Mike Allred's graphic novel Dead Air & the end of Greg Bear's novel Blood Music. #
  • Awaiting take-out at Vietnamese restaurant. I pretty much can't hear "Moon River" w/o imagining how it'd sound on Kid Koala's turntable. #
  • C'mon @borders — awaiting that release-day copy of Zero History by @greatdismal (aka William Gibson) #
  • Morning sounds: the speed of distant cars in stark contrast to whirring hard drives and occasional infant burp/sigh from neighboring room. #
  • The house sounds so different when you open one window a crack. I'm sure that's a cheesy metaphor, but the practical reality is fascinating. #
  • In the future, will people think life before Obama happened in lo-res, the way we think life before LBJ happened in black & white? #hdtv #
  • Again put one small dish off center in the dishwasher to get that special off-kilter rattle. #homebrew #counterpoint #
  • HDTV seems to make Mad Men and Rubicon look like episodes of Playhouse 90 (period setting and feel, respectively, notwithstanding). #
  • I'm new to HDTV — is it the norm that HD versions of shows air at different times than their SDTV versions? #
  • The whole single-earbud thing makes it look like much of the city is on security detail. #
  • Anyone recommend a small USB-audio adapter for Win7? (I'm getting a little tired of listening through my netbook's nervous system.) #
  • Happy birthday, John Cage — I'll make art with my coffee-cup rings today in your memory. #
  • I think I knew this breast pump in an earlier life for its work on the record label Chain Reaction. #
  • Love that the treatment of "radio" in Touch Radio logo looks more like TV; reminds me of the message in this xkcd comic: #
  • Evening sounds: tiny breaths on my chest, post-feeding; dryer and washer dueting through the wall; laptop purring like a mecha kitty. #
  • Best overheard statement at the pediatrician: "Can I have another pen? I can't write with this one with the stuffed bear attached to it." #
  • There's a special sense of accomplishment when your pen stops writing, and you open it up to find it entirely void of ink. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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