Three Drone Music Venn Diagrams

These are three albums that have been on seriously heavy rotation the past few months. They all have a droning characteristic, but those drones mesh with the overall sound to varying degrees.

3 thoughts on “Three Drone Music Venn Diagrams

  1. Hmm, I dunno Marc. I see the difference in the first two but the final one could bear the label of many artists (you might even include mine, though that will not be in your heavy rotation list, will it? ;) )

  2. Any one of those diagrams could apply to any number of recordings. What’s striking about the recent Eno album is how it has tracks that are purely rhythmic and others that are strongly drone-like, or ambient. It’s almost like two EPs combined into one album. On the other two records above, even though something is altering the drone, there’s more of a mesh happening.

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