New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • "@dizzybanjo: I asked in the Tate shop if they had anything on Susan Philipsz. 'Susan Who? Oh … No'" #
  • That sense that somewhere at this very moment David Shields is painstakingly constructing a novel entirely from other people's tweets. #
  • Good @inceptiontheapp chat: "I'm not sure under what circumstances you would use this" vs "pretty amazing piece of work": #
  • Who fancy is in SF? Champagne SUV just headed toward ocean guided by dozen-plus motorcycle police. #
  • "He lived in his head. Doesn't everyone? The difference is that he knew it." Richard Hell on Jim Carroll via @nytimes: #
  • Autocorrect in iOS just turned "Richard Hell" into "Richard He'll." #
  • The Organic Reactive Audio Filter: my infant, snoring on my shoulder, occasionally alters breathing due to external noise (bus, dishes). #
  • Wrote twice in two days about things Yes-related: Bad Plus (covered "Runaround"), Hans Zimmer (in video for Buggles song with Horn/Downes). #
  • RT @BoingBoing: Music Apps Killed the MP3 Star [In which I extoll the reactive-sound virtues of the Inception app.] #
  • RIP, saxophonist James Moody (b. 1925) via @rlainhart #
  • Funny to see head of @mystified131 appear multiple times along the bottom of the waveform of this track by @hiddenplace #
  • 76,126 people now like Cage Against the Machine on Facebook. Of my 508 Facebook friends, only 11 like it. C'mon people! #
  • Bookies give 8-1 odds that John Cage's 4'33" wins the Christmas No 1 spot: #cageagainstthemachine #
  • On Goodreads accidentally clicked "Forgive Ourselves, Totally: Begin Again by Breaking Free from Past Mistakes" but meant the John Cage bio. #
  • Will Robert Fripp make as much off the new Kanye as Nick Lowe made from the Bodyguard soundtrack? #
  • In the 4chan movie, the @smithsonian-nixed Wojnarowicz video would be playing on all government-installed televisions/monitors right now. #
  • [email protected] Yeah, my biggest Win 7 issue is getting some Steam games, like Chimes, to play on my Netbook. Other netbook issue: Gimp. #
  • Congrats @thicketapp @soundythingie @snibbe @hansolhuh @hypmag for Apple's recognition of "Generative Art & Sound" apps: #
  • Aleksei Saks of @umamusic reports: "Peter Chilvers using Bloom from his iPad on our Estonian tour. Enjoy to play with these sounds." #
  • Fave (Win7) shareware of the moment: WinSplit, ResophNotes, Filezilla, Volumouse, Quintessential, Dark Room. #
  • "@alexismadrigal: It's probably $100,000." And rewards Twitter, which folks might not dig. Still, about a dime for every tweet we've seen. #
  • Wikileaks fails Twitter-trends algorithm. Wikileaks funding is cut off. Is there a pool to fund a "promoted" Wikileaks Twitter trend? #
  • Oh, 4chan overlords, please don't slay me for neglecting to capitalize the L in Wikileaks. #
  • For you WordPress(.org) users who check Twitter more than your Dashboard, there's a new security upgrade: #
  • Brief interview I did with Bad Plus pianist. Love the electricity-free techno of title cut off its new album, Never Stop: #
  • Charles Stross' Accelerando prepared me for the Singularity — and for watching my infant grow. #
  • “@eleventhvolume: choice for funeral song: Tango of Oblivion by Dino Saluzzi (solo bandoneon).”I think we own the same records. #
  • True Deep After-Midnight Silence (Light Tinnitus Mix) #
  • "@aworks: Einstein on the Beach in Berkeley. 2012!" That is great news. Thanks for the alert. Some details: #
  • Trying to sort out when in Twitter to auto-retweet, when to RT, when to use quotation marks. Had been doing 2nd but am shifting to 3rd. #
  • [email protected] Oh, a Bloom piece? I cannot wait to hear it! #
  • Major thanks @saraivry @lenpsmall & everyone @tabletmag for the whole "Hanukkah, remixed" project! #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 8: “Yishama-O-Rama (Radiata Edit)”by Cut Loose (Wellington, NZ); original by Klezmer Rebs #
  • "police believe Ronni Chasen was killed in a botched robbery." Terriers anyone? World has pulled flip on Law & Order. #headlinesrippedfromtv #
  • This rain makes me wanna contact-mic my roof, but for the time being I'll just continue to record sounds with my pen (and keyboard). #
  • This whole Wikileaks thing is moving from Transmetroplitan (gonzo journalism 3.0) to Fahrenheit 451 (media demonization of media defiance). #
  • Early warnings: @eleventhvolume on Sleazy's accomplishment on Peter Gabriel's solo debut cover design #
  • The pulsing red background to the Inception app looks like if Mark Rothko had collaborated on Brion Gysin's Dreammachine. #
  • Do we pay "longbox tax" when we cough up $1.99 for e-comics? Seems pricey, like paying for convenience of not having pile of pamphlets. #
  • Anonymous 4 and 4chan should collaborate for some early hacker polyphony. #
  • Just got wrong-number call asking for the IT director. That could have been fun. "See that plug, yeah, just pull it out." #
  • Thanks for the interest in Roach/Freeman Immersion Station app. Congrats, @abre_ojos @HillfieldMuncky @Humean; I'll be in touch with codes. #
  • Want free copy of Roach/Freeman app Immersion Station? Tweet me @disquiet. 3 random wins in 1 hour, sooner if 40 reply. #
  • Have 3 copies of Steve Roach & Eric Freeman Immersion Station iOS app. Read up here Contest starts on the hour. #
  • [email protected]_Kadrey Sweet, a mellotron app. I love the Korg DS-10, and all these generative things popping up. #
  • Motorcycles and Cars (Breathing of Infant Sleeping on Shoulder Mix) #
  • Tomorrow I'll give away copies (i.e., freebie codes) of Steve Roach's iOS app, Immersion Station. First I need to figure best way to do it. #
  • RT @robinrimbaud I'm just mastering [new Turner winner] Susan Philipsz's new vinyl release too so stay tuned for that very special edition. #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 7: “Hava Nagila”remixed by Roddy Schrock. Original by Paul Toshner & Felix Benasuly ( #
  • Good conversation going on ramifications of app instruments (copyright, etc.) I'll weigh in after I get Vietnamese food. #
  • Thanks for the good wishes, regarding @boingboing, folks. More to come. Very excited for Susan Philipsz's Turner; great news for sound art. #
  • [email protected] If you record with Bloom, I'd love to hear it. #
  • RT @telstarlogistic celebrate Dark Matter Awareness Week [Oh that's why the 12/2 ep of Nikita was titled "Dark Matter"] #
  • Words that 25 years ago I never dreamed I'd have the opportunity to type: Winners of Steve Reich remix contest announced: #
  • RT @xenijardin Yo, Marc Weidenbaum, Welcome to @boingboing guestblog Turner sound art: #
  • It's like if Eric Satie made industrial music today at home: baby's vibro-chair in living room, while washing machine rumbles in the rear. #
  • Tuesday noon siren, followed by house-rattling bus. #
  • Susan Philipsz, now the first sound artist to win Turner Prize: This is great. I was just glad she got shortlisted. #
  • Distant Traffic (Creaking House and Hard Drive Mix) #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 6: “Chanukah Chag Yafe”remix by @ocp_pt_vu (João Ricardo), original by Alexandria Kleztet #
  • These 100s of Wikileaks mirrors make me feel like I'm living in @warrenellis's Transmetropolitan or one of @doctorow's young-adult books. #
  • Terriers has been canceled. I need to drown my sorrows in dim sum. #
  • Rattly Cardboard Scavenger Truck (Soggy Night Mix) #
  • Keith Rowe with Oren Ambarchi and Crys Cole, shot last night: As always, great performance photos from #
  • ♪ Listen(ing) to a drone minus the drone, by @vuzhmusic, who calls it "a map of the freckles on the skin of the drone": #
  • RT @osakimandias It's not rain I care for, it's the sound of the rain. And a day that is aurally good becomes subtly better in other ways. #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 5: New Klezmer Trio's “Thermoglyphics”remixed by @robotdancerobot aka @mrbiggsdotcom #cyborgfolk #
  • Light Rain on Wood, Glass, Concrete, Tar, and Grass (Desktop Computer Hard Drive and Fan Mix) #
  • You can criticize governmental bloodlust regarding Wikileaks without thinking the best diplomacy means naked diplomats in glass embassies. #
  • Finished reading a book. It was cool, like a whole buncha tweets in a row (a lot, too many to count) someone had printed out and bound. #
  • Noon Church Bells and Passing Aircraft (Closed Windows on Cold Day Mix) #
  • Ownership of a ukulele presents a much greater threat to commercially recorded music than does filesharing. #
  • No, your fingers are not numb. Those are calluses: ukulele calluses. The irony: finding strumming more challenging than the chord stuff. #
  • ♫ Hanukkah, night/track 4: Diego Bernal riffs on “Ose Shalom”by 4th Ward Afro-Klezmer Orch + 22tape's #
  • It's a Lone Wolf and Cub kinda day. #
  • Wikileaks: Chinese government "obsessed with…threat posed by…Internet to their grip on power." Sure it's only China? #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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