16 Japanese Drone Trips (MP3)

Sixteen different “trips” comprise the Melting Loop Trip from which Kanagawa, Japan-based Shinobu Nemoto‘s recent Resting Bell netlabel release takes its name. They range from restful to nervous-making, from deep Cthululian (Cthulian?) gurgles to sprightly mists. Trip nine balances this underwater resonance with an organ drone (MP3), while the very first trip has more chaotic, synth-on-random internal activity (MP3). Any one of these trips might sound almost generic, but any two put sharp contrasts into plain view, and the sheer breadth of sounds impresses as the collection proceeds.

[audio:http://www.archive.org/download/rb091/09-Trip_9.mp3|titles=”Trip 9″|artists=Shinobu Nemoto] [audio:http://www.archive.org/download/rb091/01-Trip_1.mp3|titles=”Trip 1″|artists=Shinobu Nemoto]

In addition, Kati Meden, of fleckchenerde.net, created a different color treatment of the cover for each of the 16 trips, and while the simple color changes don’t necessarily do justice to the individual tracks’ distinguishing characteristics, they do provide a kind of mental visual aid.

Release originally posted at restingbell.net. More on Nemoto at myspace.com/shinobunemoto, and his label, Moufu Rokuon, at moufu-rokuon.net.

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