Life After Breath (Modular Synth MP3s)

The saxophonist Heddy Boubaker stopped playing the instrument last year after what he describes as health problems. “I started to think,” he writes on his website’s homepage, “about [a] new way to continue my sound explorations and expression in free improvisation.” And what he decided to do was focus on the modular synthesizer. His account has, subsequent to the shift in instrumentation, provided a steady stream of his experimentation. The burbling-brook popping of “Impro#12 2011-04-30 (From the Ghost to the Machine)” suggests a parallel to certain duck-call-like embouchure techniques in European free improvisation:

And the low rumble that runs underneath “Impro#14 2011-05-07 (Sausages for Algernon)” bring to mind some of the implementations of circular breathing:

More on Boubaker at

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