New Disquietude podcast episode: music by Lesley Flanigan, Dave Seidel, KMRU, Celia Hollander, and John Hooper; interview with Flanigan; commentary; short essay on reading waveforms. • F.A.Q.Key Tags: #saw2for33third, #field-recording, #classical, #juntoElsewhere: Twitter, SoundCloud, Instagram

Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Nick Lowe once sang, "This rut I am in, it once was a groove." Beatmakers try to find a new groove in that old rut. #
  • Also @artmrkt, quite a bit of Bruce Conner as well as, for the collagists in the house, Jess. #
  • Solid stuff at @artmrkt today. If you go, see the dresses-as-sound-installations at front door & homage-themed Catherine Clark Gallery set. #
  • When a high-school band walks by, you really wish you'd had RJDJ already running. #
  • Headed to @artmrkt in SOMA — should be there around 1pm. If anyone happens to see/hear anything soundy there, lemme know. #415 #
  • Nice. "Euphonic coordination": my credit on artist @salvagione video (I connected him with band's track) #
  • I'm more likely to defend Flash widgets (vs Flash sites) when Reader isn't freezing my laptop & Flash doesn't need repeated updates/reboots. #
  • RT @Billforman Apologies if that was too many RTs. Got nothin' original to say this morning. #
  • A truly magical, slender musical device: an LP record arriving via mail from Australia no worse for the journey. #
  • Genius. @GlennF proposes [Walter] "Benjaminagram" app that takes photos "incapable of being transmitted from the device" #throughamemedarkly #
  • Video just posted of art installation by Paolo Salvagione: I coordinated the score, by Grand Canonical Ensemble. #
  • Just sent out first email newsletter in more than a year. I forget email is still a primary form of news for many people. #rss #
  • RT @susangrayblue You'd be having fun with layers of sound our Nashville cicada brood produces. Under full moon, clicks. Today, two hums. #
  • RIP, Snooky Young (b. 1919), lead trumpet in Doc Severinsen’s 'Tonight Show' orchestra #
  • By definition, generative music is most potent when it takes on a life of its own. #
  • Air app by Peter Chilvers (Brian Eno Bloom collaborator) & Sandra O'Neill now supports background play. Listen while you read. #
  • [email protected] Thanks, re: that Hang reference. You seen this Otomata-inspired Monome clip? A reader provided it. #
  • Local library doubled shelf space for comics. #
  • Confused by guy talking into cassette tape on sidewalk. Then realized it's an iPhone case. #
  • In honor of my new Twitter background image (by @brianhagen111), great ukulele-sampling: #
  • RT @colinholter ASCAP email: "May is Month to Monotize Your Music." You heard 'em: Mix all your stereo files down to mono. via @jazarimusic #
  • If I mistakenly attribute field recordings to anything I write about in the next week, blame the birds in the back yard. #
  • [email protected] Thanks. Listening now. But I mean the opposite: not no "post-production," just no-"post"; i.e., all "production." #
  • Wind a constant drone in the chimney, like how a snare drum buzzes on stage in between sets. #
  • I tend to prefer music for which the phrase "post-production" is redundant. #
  • Photo of Big Boi & Terry Riley in Burger King that's been circulating is gift that keeps on giving #
  • Wouldn't a true William S. Burroughs”“themed @burroughsbot cut up and mix the tweets it re-tweets? #
  • I have a new Twitter background this month, a uke drawn by @brianhagen111, but Twitter profile settings aren't, well, setting. #status #
  • "@geetadayal: also carrying 1981 Laurie Anderson/Burroughs collab, Rzewski, & Varese. Dangerous ideas!" [The people united will always …] #
  • Thanks again to @owenfreeman for having drawn my Twitter background this month. Today has been its final day. #
  • "@geetadayal: security screening 'enhanced' due to vinyl records, which they took out and tested." Listening for backward messages? #
  • "@abest: MIDI files" A MIDI loop seems like a likely contender for audio equivalent of an animated GIF. #
  • “@debcha: @disquiet @Hybernaut Sample loops, surely?”Definitely a loop, but wonder if it is more specific. #
  • “@thejorgecolombo: @disquiet Crankable music boxes?”I like that. Or, maybe ringtones? [Re: What's the sound equivalent of an animated gif?] #
  • Wondering if there's a sonic equivalent of (or parallel to) an animated GIF, and if so what it is. #
  • Rome Drone: '70s Terry Riley video Try in multiple out-of-sync browser tabs (via @gregdavismusic @soundohm) #
  • Doing interview with @earslap on generative sound confirmed for me unique benefit of email interviews: tracking back to discussion forks. #
  • Cellular automata, generative sound, digital fragmentation, wind chimes: discussing Otomata with @earslap: #
  • Noon siren in San Francisco: filtered through unceasing typing. #
  • Evening sounds: cars on wet street, wind rustling in living room's chimney, whirring TiVo mistakenly convinced it'll be turned on before bed #
  • RT @cobra_mike Just stepped outside into the kind of deathly quiet you only hear before a huge storm. #eartwit #
  • Le Guin on Miéville/genre: "When he wins the Booker, the whole silly hierarchy will collapse, and literature will be much the better for it" #
  • I have been a Ton Kiang loyalist for many years, but Hong Kong Lounge, just down the block, rocked my lunch expectations today. #dimsum #415 #
  • When I saw Stephen Hawking's name is trending, I mistakenly assumed he had died. Instead, he's talking about death. #
  • The (natural) acoustic landscape of Portugal: via @mediateletipos #
  • Today is, at least in regard to the 354 people I follow, the quietest Twitter day in recent memory. (Not a cue to start RT'ing neat links.) #
  • Completed an excellent interview with a developer about sound, generative precursors, randomness, browser fragmentation. Will post shortly. #
  • RIP, producer Jack Richardson (b.1929), among whose hits was Guess Who's "American Woman"; dad of producer Garth (Rage Against the Machine). #
  • It's cute watching Twitterbots flirt and fill up each other's dance card over the weekend, only for them to disappear come Monday morning. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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