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  • Again, the nagging question: (1) foghorn or (2) cell phone in next room on vibrate? #
  • Trying to remember the last movie I saw in a theater that tempted me to just stay put and watch it again all the way through. #
  • The producer is the recording artist. The band is the band. #
  • The Headlands Center for the Arts was, not long ago, a military base. The hills were alive with the low level hum of constant preparedness. #
  • Understatement of the week. RT @mlaffs: most music software default settings do not accommodate classical music #
  • Disturbing how much better my laptop (Win 7) runs after switching to Chrome from Firefox. I miss my Delicious sidebar, but so be it. #
  • My pleasure. A thoughtful hiss. RT @minimalspace nice review about my recent series of sound sculptures Signal to Noise #
  • & truly unlimited data RT @tommoody watched HTML5 presentation. assumed (i) everyone has iPad (ii) internet capacity for huge single pages #
  • Great evening of discussion @gaffta tonight. Hope to have time to post some reflections while it's fresh. #
  • Realizing I didn't hear the Tuesday noon #415 siren today because I was on the bus listening to new Cut Hands album on my new Sansa Clip+. #
  • Reminder: If you're in San Francisco, I'm giving a little talk, alongside @rddy, tomorrow @gaffta about "Sound as Commentary." #
  • Next year marks the 100th birthdays of John Cage & Conlon Nancarrow. Curators, musicians, & sound artists: start your engines. #
  • Sun Ra on the wall at current @parklifesf exhibit #
  • One sure way to attract readers to a page is to transcribe a lengthy speech from Battlestar Galactica #iwanttohearxrays #
  • U Chicago giving away (in exchange for email address) Erin Hogan's Spirla Jetta ebook this month: #landscapeart #
  • Many thanks, Jason RT @jverlinde Great piece on about Edith Eisler, esteemed classical music critic who just passed away #
  • Edith Eisler (violin teacher, critic, friend) passed away last week at 86. A tweet wasn't sufficient, so I wrote this: #
  • Listening to Miles Davis slowed to 50% on Van Ness in San Francisco after dark is a Michael Mann film that Michael Mann hasn't yet made. #
  • Between recent @ionizer_ & @dustmotes MP3s, the @dustedwax netlabel (in Varna, Bulgaria) is a force to be reckoned with: #
  • started using the publish sync extension! Visit: #
  • A true cassette label wouldn't have a Twitter account or email. Just tiny print ads in alt weeklies and a POB. #noiselife #
  • Pretty awesome used-vinyl street sale on Valencia St at 17th. I picked up a Marina Rosenfeld 7" from 1999. #94110 #
  • Switching to zip code from area code when geo-tagging. #
  • "Crackadoooooom": Detailed @io9 interview with Thor's Walt Simonson touches on the art of comics sound effects #
  • Headed to the Mission to get some work done. Any particularly interesting gallery shows up right now? #415 #
  • It's not a soundtrack. It's a film-less film. #
  • Eyeopening RT @boondesign For those who missed ride on Orbit by @salvagione Sunday from 12-5pm you have 2nd chance: #415 #

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