A new lightly annotated outboard-brain link-blog side project

In association with the 15-week class that I’m teaching this fall at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, “Sounds of Brands / Brands of Sounds,” I’ve started a new Tumblr side-blog project, a lightly annotated outboard brain of links associated with the topics that are core to the class: the use of sound in marketing and advertising, the marketing and advertising of sound-related brands, sound design in consumer products, and music licensing, among other things.

I may collate and/or cross-post some of those pieces here, but in the meanwhile, you can follow it all at

Initial posts include the presence of sound design at the London Design Festival this year (developed by Arup, with audio by Squarepusher and Jana Winderen, among others), consideration of the purchase of Mog by Dr. Dre’s Beats, the work Scanner (aka Robin Rimbaud) did on an alarm clock for Philips, and the use of Roland 808 imagery by Nokia to tease a forthcoming smartphone.

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