Aphex + Sci-Fi: The Top 10 Posts & Searches of July 2012

As mentioned last month, the software that for a long time automatically tallied the most popular posts on this site has gone belly up. So, as was the case last month, the following is, instead, a list of 10 key posts from August 2012, during which there were 35 posts:

(1) a listen to the score-meet-sound-design of a short sci-fi film titled Loom (with addendum information provided via email by one of the movie’s composers), (2) a Disquiet Junto project in which the participants interpreted polling data from the ongoing U.S. presidential election as if it were a graphically notated score (see image above), (3) a revised version of a Disquiet Junto remix of a Shostakovich chamber symphony by Kent Sparling (composer of, among other things, the score to Wayne Wang’s The Princess of Nebraska), (4) my interview with sound artist Christof Migone about his excavation of Ray Bradbury‘s The Martian Chronicles, (5) my 1993 interview with Depeche Mode (online for the first time ever) from the period that culminated with the Songs of Faith and Devotion album, (6) one of the seven performances from the recent (August 19) Disquiet Junto concert held in Denver (more audio will be posted live soon), (7) the announcement that I’m writing a book for the great 33 1/3 series on Aphex Twin‘s landmark 1994 album, Selected Ambient Works Vol II, (8) a Disquiet Junto project in which almost 30 musicians in just over four days interpreted an incendiary Yoko Ono Fluxus work from 1955, (9) an abstract exploration of the film-sound nugget known as the “Wilhelm Scream,” and (10) my all too close encounter with a massive swarm of bees.

The most popular searches of the month included: dome, distinction, aaron, junto, soundwalk, 3D music, autechre, cocteau, free, ngngngngngngng.

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