Four Loops from Looper

A taste of Nathan Johnson's latest film score

Nathan Johnson is a composer best known for his work with director Rian Johnson, his cousin, on such films as Brick, The Brothers Bloom, and, most recently, Looper. The Looper soundtrack album is up for download in the regular spots (iTunes, Amazon), and there’s a special physical edition (limited to 3,000 units) at The physical version includes seven additional tracks, on top of the 19 that are part of the downloadable version. Two of those additional tracks, and two from the main set, are available for free download at the La-La Land website. (All four max out at 1:30, while the album versions go longer, one of them for over five minutes.) These include a solo piano version of the movie’s haunting theme (MP3), two different versions of the “Closing Your Loop” (MP3) cue (the alternate version referred to as a “film mix” [MP3]), and “A New Scar” (MP3).

[audio:|titles=”Theme From Looper (Solo Piano Version)”|artists=Nathan Johnson] [audio:|titles=”Closing Your Loop”|artists=Nathan Johnson] [audio:|titles=”Closing Your Loop (Film Mix)”|artists=Nathan Johnson] [audio:|titles=”A New Scar”|artists=Nathan Johnson]

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And for a bonus, here are three short videos Johnson put together on his composing process for Looper:

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One thought on “Four Loops from Looper

  1. quite reminiscent of Amon Tobin’s ISAM… similar approach to found-sound instrument construction I guess.

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