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Listening to art. Playing with audio. Sounding out technology. Composing in code. Rewinding the soundscape.

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  • Today’s Hardly Strictly priorities: Anderson/McLaughlin (11am, Banjo), Lloyd Cole (noon, Rooster). #
  • Tonight on Fringe the Observers let slip their deep, dark secret — that Rogaine is people! #
  • Giggle worthy: Brian Eno, still not an inductee in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. More thoughts: #
  • Not a fan of the airborne part of Fleet Week. #
  • Second line parade in Valencia Street. #
  • Finding underlined text in an old physical book feels like surveillance. Doing so in a Kindle book feels like you’re being surveilled. #
  • What a physical site for public speaking looks like mid-construction. #
  • The Hardly Strictly Bluegrass app’s UI is whittled to priorities: Schedule, Map, Info, Warren. #
  • Old Marc: “In the future you’ll live where Nick Lowe plays for free every year walking distance from your house.” Young Marc: “Yeah, sure.” #
  • 40th Disquiet Junto project goes out momentarily. This week we’re adding a third part to a Kenneth Kirschner duet. #
  • Hardly Strictly Bluegrass started looking like people form roots acts so they can be rationalized as participants. Still, a great lineup. #
  • Alvin Luci(f)er #
  • Adele’s Skyfall theme song is an odd bird. It’s extravagantly retro in a way the revived franchise is anything but. #
  • Waiting for the Diego Bernal album Coffee with the DJ. #
  • 90% of which look like 1976. RT @tperkis: RT @valentinatanni: “10% of all photos ever taken were shot in 2011.” Fortune magazine, 9/24/12 #
  • Restaurant-data visualization, old-school. Check out the pegboard in this obituary for a Catskills figure: #
  • “Can I Get an Accountant” #debatesongs #
  • “The Corporations in Your Neighborhood” #debatesongs #sesamestreet #
  • “Zinger! Went the Strings of My Heart” #debatesongs #
  • #sonifythedebate RT @EvieN: Romney saying “crushing” a lot like he thinks he’s some kind of rock critic. #
  • This café seems to simply have a Steely Dan CD and a Pink Floyd CD alternating. It’s like cultural whiplash in slow motion. #
  • Reminder: tomorrow’s @djunto project (the 40th weekly project) will employ the music of Kenneth Kirschner. #
  • Today’s sound class: The Jingle: market callers → verse; did radio ads invent hit singles; music-licensing dramaturgy; Fringe plays its hand #
  • Maybe it’s some sort of natural echo, but the foghorns are blasting some seriously attenuated notes this morning. #
  • RIP, British studio guitarist Big Jim Sullivan (b. 1941), whose discography is bigger than many people’s record collections. #
  • RIP, singer R.B. Greaves (b. 1943; “Take a Letter, Maria”), whose “Always Something There to Remind Me”was bested on charts by Naked Eyes’. #
  • Nearing-midnight sounds: refrigerator hum, drone of distant passing car, low level electric whir. #
  • “I’m gonna play some music and if it’s really annoying lemme know. The emphasis is on ‘really.'” #
  • Today’s productivity sponsored by ⌘↓ #
  • Man, I miss Dennis Potter. #
  • This #MoviesWithKotsay thing is further proof that if I don’t recognize a name on Twitter it is invariably sports-related. #
  • Fringe final season episode 1 has Walter going on about music’s power. Episode 3 is titled “The Recordist.” I couldn’t be happier. #
  • If my house could speak it would be saying, “I am not used to being warmer on the outside than the inside.” #
  • stem swap #
  • Tuesday noon siren against the rumble and rattle of a microwave. #
  • I don’t write on food much but my ramen-chef interview & dim-sum overview are in new @SactownMagazine, print only. Latter’s the cover image. #
  • Video of Benoît Rolland, stringed-instrument bow maker among this year’s MacArthur Fellows (“Genius”) grant winners: #
  • RIP, trombonist Eddie Bert (b. 1922), veteran of bands of Thelonious Monk, Charles Mingus, Stan Kenton, and others: #
  • Very excited: the 40th @djunto project will build on the music of Kenneth Kirschner. #
  • Sang Marvin Gaye’s “Pride & Joy” to my 2-year-old as a lullaby for a month. It transformed into an imagined Social Distortion cover. #
  • RIP, car-racing commentator Chris Economaki (b. 1920), whose voice “reminded some of a rumbling racing engine”: #
  • For people who enjoy film scores and confuse Cliff Martinez and Clint Mansell, the universe upped the ante with Nathans Johnson and Larson. #
  • OK, I now have a humorously sizable number of beta invites to the website If you want one, lemme know. #
  • Oh, those invites I mentioned yesterday are spoken for. I’ll mention it if I get some more. #
  • Today’s productivity powered by ⌘Y. #
  • Whew. Stopped at Shoki Ramen in Sacramento for lunch, and it turned out to be the last day of its tomato ramen. #

By Marc Weidenbaum

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