If You Meet “Six-String Buddha” on the Internet

Remix it

Yesterday I posted a short piece of music that I recorded for this week’s Disquiet Junto project, which involves layering tonal material into a dense, rich whole. Mine, “Six-String Buddha,” made entirely on guitar with live looping, takes the form of a short Buddha Machine loop. Within 24 hours, two musicians I admire had recorded revisions — remixes, reworkings — of my track. It’s one of the great pleasures of life to hear your own work refracted back through someone else’s imagination.

Rupert Lally, whose advice on using volume to reduce the percussive attack when hitting a string, mixed my piece up with his own “Sediment Layers”:

Lally describes his process as follows:

A mashup or “a synthesis” of Marc Weidenbaum’s piece for disquiet 0189 (“Six-String Buddha”)and mine (“Sediment Layers”). Marc’s piece is processed via my modular synth: Make Noise FxdF and RXMX into Mutable Instruments Clouds Parasite and looped once. Some reverb was added in Ableton Live.

Lee Rosevere’s reworking consisted entirely of my piece, repeated to nine times its original length, and then enhanced with segments extracted from the original:

Writes Rosevere of his process:

I edited the original loop just slightly so it had a natural loop point (there was a tiny little click at the original end) and loaded into Ableton Live sampler. I played the original loop with reverb for 9 mins, then went back and played extracts of the loop at different pitches with different fx/eq, and then did it a third time. I had to be careful with the 2nd and 3rd sample passes, as I was trying to add little colours here and there, and not oversaturate the original.

Lally piece originally posted at soundcloud.com/rupertlally. Rosevere piece originally posted at leerosevere.bandcamp.com. The work originated as part of the 189th weekly Disquiet Junto music project.

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