Six-String Rhythm

A remix of my "Six-String Buddha" by Austin-based Antenna Research

Antenna Research is the Austin, Texas, duo of Karin Kross and Bruce Levenstein. They’ve done me the honor of reworking my “Six-String Buddha” track, a brief loop of layered electric guitar intended to emulate the background quality of the FM3 Buddha Machine. Like the earlier remix of the track that Lee Rosevere committed, the Antenna Research version, “Buddha On the Radio,” uses the original audio as the sonic foundation, and then creates an additional layer, a bit more foregrounded, that is based on select segments of the source track. The underlying track is given a buzzy, warbling quality thanks to dense analog reverb, and the percussive material lends it a slight pulse. The rhythmic fadeout is especially appealing.

Write Kross and Levenstein of what they’re up to, for those playing along in a home studio:

We’ve taken Marc’s track and loaded it onto two Radio Music modules. One is looping the entire track, and run through an Intellijel Springy reverb module. The other is playing a short section of the track, with the reset being triggered rhythmically by a Korg SQ-1 sequencer. The bass drum is from a Peaks module, synced to the SQ-1 via a Pamela’s Workout clock divider.

Track originally posted for free download at More from Kross, aka Hanging Fire, at and from Levenstein at

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