Modular Synth Status

Mixing desk powers, activate.

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 7.54.11 PM

Status report on my slowly evolving modular synthesizer. I’ve added the red thing in the lower left, which is a VCA mixer (details at the manufacturer, There’s an alternate version of the same item with a black faceplate, which I would have preferred, but black was an additional fee, and I’ve been trying to do this all with second-hand modules. In overly simplified terms this VCA (that’s “voltage controlled amplifier”) mixer means that I can vary the relative volume of five different channels, like have five different tweaks of the same sine wave, and move between various combinations and permutations. I think next up — to fill those dark voids — are a colored-noise source (white, brown, pink) and another VCO. After that, I’m not sure. Input is always appreciated, if you’re reading this and happen to be knowledgeable about such things. The above image is not a photo but a simulacrum from the database at

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