Aural Potpourri of Lingering Anxiety

A track by Martin Colborn of Durham, England

Following a deep, shuddering, glottal opening — a few terse notes sawed in sequence — the remainder of “Gunners Pool” by Martin Colborn provides a brief sense of a sonic miasma, alternately haunting and enchanting. It’s a low-volume atmosphere of sour notes, playing in semi-unison. Colborn’s very brief liner note (five words: “Ebow and stark scratchy sounds”) singles out a device that lets the strings of an instrument vibrate endlessly (or at least until the EBow’s battery wears out). Play this in one room and then go read in another. It is the aural potpourri of lingering anxiety, of restrained fear.

Track originally posted at Set it on repeat. I played it about 50 times in a row today. I previously wrote about a Colborn track late last month: “All the More Beautiful for That Absence.” He’s based in Durham, England.

2 thoughts on “Aural Potpourri of Lingering Anxiety

  1. Many thanks for the share and kind words Marc. Gunners Pool is a limestone chasm in a piece of ancient woodland very close to my house. Your description of the piece would also perfectly describe the physical inspiration! Thanks again.

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