Stasis Report: Christina Vantzou ✚ H.Takahashi ✚ More

Five new tracks added to the ambient playlist on Spotify and Google Play Music as of September 9, 2018

The latest update to my Stasis Report ambient-music playlist. It started out just on Spotify. As of three weeks ago, it’s also on Google Play Music. The following five tracks were added on Sunday, September 9. All the tracks are fairly new.

✚ “Sky Could Undress” is a remix by Christina Vantzou from Clear Language: Reworked of music originally by Balmorhea (aka Austin, Texas-based Rob Lowe and Michael Muller): Vantzou is based in Brussels, Belgium.

✚ “Part 3” is from The Great Lake Swallows by Julia Kent on cello and Jean D.L (“guitarist/tape machine manipulator”), with field recordings by Sandrine Verstraete, on the Gizeh label: Kent is Canadian, and Jean D.L. is Belgian.

✚ “Circulation” from Low Power from H.Takahashi on the White Paddy Mountain label: Takahashi is based in Tokyo, Japan.

✚ “Good Intentions I” from Departures, Vol. 2 by North Atlantic Drift (Mike Abercrimbie, Brad Deschamps), based in Toronto, on the Greek label Sounds in Silence:

✚ “Maish” is from Salted Garden by Mark Rushton, who is based in Iowa City, Iowa:

Some previous Stasis Report tracks were removed to make room for these, keeping the playlist length to roughly two hours (up from what was originally an hour and a half, when the playlist first launched). Those retired tracks (by Masayoshi Fujita, Forma, Peter Gabriel, Abul Mogard, and Hiroshi Yoshimura) are now in the Stasis Archives playlist (currently only on Spotify).

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