Technology and Its Discontents

The whine of my hard drives

SoundCloud: Why isn’t there an [account]/stream page that can ignore all the reposts? Reposts are great, but some people repost so much it buries everyone’s original posts, including their own.

Also SoundCloud: The maximum number of accounts one can follow has been stuck at 2,000 for years. The number of SoundCloud accounts has gone up. The follow limit should follow suit.

Windows: My laptop often disconnects from my USB audio interface when it comes back from sleep. What’s up with that?

Android: These phones are powerful. I should be able to play music and listen to an audiobook at the same time. My phone can play an audiobook while I receive audio directions from a map app, so clearly simultaneous audio sources does work.

This is lightly adapted from an edition first published in the August 4, 2019, issue of the free weekly email newsletter This Week in Sound.

One thought on “Technology and Its Discontents

  1. Regarding the Android comment: as you say, simultaneous audio is clearly already possible in Android. The issue is the apps themselves; they have to decide what to do when they are told another app is playing. The most frequent choice (and the one generally suggested in these docs) is “stop playing”. Gory details for people who like API’s at:

    So maybe bug the app developers to see if they can add a setting that allows them to continue when other audio is playing.

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