Reviewing SFEMF 2019 in The Wire

And clarifying the metaphorical nature of the trash compactor

I have a new, 650-word piece in The Wire, as the typeface in this little snippet evidences. It’s about the recent San Francisco Electronic Music Festival, all four nights of which I attended over the course of mid-September. The deadline was quite tight, as it’s only October 11 today, the issue has been out for a few days already, and the final night of the concert series was September 15. I really enjoyed the challenge, and the music, which itself was often challenging, ranging from 3D sound environments, to live circuitry, to experimental chamber opera. It was the SFEMF’s 20th anniversary.

In the Wire review, I compare one musician’s work favorably to being inside a trash compactor. I loved that I had to clarify (at my editor’s valuable and perceptive request) that this was a metaphor and the musician wasn’t, in fact, employing a trash compactor.

My article is in the November 2019 issue, the one with Kevin Martin and Stephen O’Malley on the cover.

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