After Leaving

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After today’s Leaving Records event, I needed some late-night guitar/Norns/Grid time. (Fates, not Norns, but you know.)

Update: Someone on Twitter asked what these things are. The little hexagonal box on the left is a little speaker. I need a louder small, portable amplifier. “Louder” and “small, portable” generally work in inverse proportion to each other along a single axis, so I need to choose where on that axis I want to be. The thing with all the lights in rows is a Monome Grid. The Grid is a controller that does nothing on its own, but lots of different things when connected to a laptop or other devices. The little black box to its right with a tiny screen is a Fates, which is a take on the open-source Monome Norns. It’s the sort of device that makes the Grid sing (or perhaps vice-versa). It runs various scripts and engines that create and/or transform sound. The script I’m running here, called Cranes, lets me loop in real time the sound of the guitar being fed into the Fates. That’s an acoustic guitar in the foreground, and the little black wire stuck onto it is a microphone I borrowed from a friend (given what’s going on in the world, maybe I can return it in a few months). The setup is too quiet. I need a preamp, or maybe to run the microphone through a reverb pedal before sending to the Fates.

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