Buddha Machine Variations No. 5

Video via my YouTube channel, youtube.com/disquiet

On the weekend, the home office is just home. After four days of combining various Buddha Machines, I thought, “Why not run one through the modular synthesizer?” Someone on Instagram had mentioned pairing it with Morphagene, a module which I have (it’s the central, colorful one on the top row), but I decided to send the first-generation Buddha Machine loop through Clouds (a Clouds variant, Smog, fourth in from the right on the bottom row). Aspects of the live sample are being varied in Smog based on some fairly level and quite slow LFOs (the Batumi through the SPO, where those short orange cables are visible toward the upper left). Only two spectral bands of the Smog-processed audio are being heard; they’re coming through the FXDf. And an unmolested version of the Buddha Machine loop is also heard, quietly in what for much of the track is the background. And yes, I do, definitely, need to sort out a better way to capture the audio for these videos (I’m just doing it on my phone currently).

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