Buddha Machine Variations No. 10 (Syrup Delay)

Video via my YouTube channel, youtube.com/disquiet

The goal (ha!) was pointilist overlays based on the second loop from the first generation of the Buddha Machine. The result, some time later, after various paths were explored, was more of a syrup. It might be easier to track this one backward rather than forward, except to note there is just one line in at the start of the chain. Of the five lines into the mixer at the end of the chain, they are as follows, from left to right: First, the unaltered original audio, played a little low, so it doesn’t overwhelm everything else. Second, a low register of the original audio (extracted via the FXDf), then delayed a few seconds, its volume going up and down based on a slow LFO (from the Batumi/SPO combo). Third, a slightly higher register of the original audio, this delayed a few seconds more than the second line. Fourth, an ever so slightly higher register still of the original audio, delayed even a few more seconds, its volume changing according to the same LFO as the second line, but held back a smidgen thanks the Gated VCA on the O_c module (running the Hemispheres alternate firmware, and in fact I need to double check how effective this was, as I may have messed it up). And fifth and finally, the original signal, sent through a ladder filter, the resulting audio’s pitch rising and falling thanks to a hybrid LFO resulting from two contrasting sine waves (again, the Batumi/SPO combo).

Video originally posted at youtube.com. There’s also a video playlist of the Buddha Machine Variations.

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