A Modular Study

By mafmadmaf

The ER-301 is a great and powerful synthesizer module, not in the Wizard of Oz sense, where there’s a man behind the curtain ready to spoil any sense of wonder, but in the sense that it requires significant effort due to, as the musician mafmadmaf puts it, the considerable amount of depth and complexity it represents. All of which said, in what is billed as a first study here, mafmadmaf induces a tremendous operation of chamber electronic music from it. Initial pulses glitch out, yielding trailing drones that combine with rhythmic trills, filigrees of error. In time, a seesaw melody gently brings the disparate pieces into a lulling whole.

Video originally posted at youtube.com. More from mafmadmaf at instagram.com/mafmadmaf.

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