Real World, Real Time

Hannes Pasqualini processes sound on location.

The Italian musician, designer, and illustrator Hannes Pasqualini debuts a new project in which he reworks real-world audio in real time. The series, of which this video is the first, is titled Sounds on Location. The above clip, about four minutes long, shows him setting up on a bench. White noise and passing traffic fill the stereo spectrum. Then, about 30 seconds in, the video fades to black and then back again, the sounds now running through Pasqualini’s iPad. The processed result emerges from the source audio: more rhythmic, more foregrounded, spare noise given improvised purpose through compositional intent.

Pasqualini outlines his approach as follows:

Step 1: go to a place that inspires me, record sounds

Step 2: create some loops from these sounds

Step 3: create a little track on location, mostly with the sounds I have recorded in step 1

Video originally posted at More from Pasqualini (who collaborates with me on the recent comics I’ve been posting) at

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