Grace Notes: Techno Is Music

From the past week

Some tweet observations ( I made over the course of the past week, lightly edited.

▰ Techno is music. Thus declared a German court ( at the end of last month. This brings with it beneficial tax/revenue implications for clubs, putting them in the same category as concert venues. (That it was in doubt is beyond me but that’s another story.) It’s interesting this is framed entirely in terms of DJs. I know I’m a wallflower who optimizes for a healthy sleep cycle, but maybe live techno was already exempted, or maybe it’s just a fraction of what clubs are booking. (Well, “were” booking. Covid and all.)

▰ The Bandcamp of late Nigerian drummer Tony Allen (pivotal figure in the work of Fela, and master of his own music as well) uploaded his Film of Life LP. An instant, and much-needed, mood lift. Allen died at the end of April, what feels like a lifetime ago.

▰ Once in a while an article comes out that I get wind of from friends with almost as much frequency as when Roy Orbison died. This New York Times piece by Sabrina Imbler is such a piece (“Could Listening to the Deep Sea Help Save It?). And it is fascinating.

▰ “A billion tiny sensors would hang motionless in an enclosed space, monitored by an extremely precise network of lasers able to measure movements of less than a fraction of a proton’s diameter”: dark matter detection inspired by wind chimes:

▰ Sound-adjacent, but worth a notch in the mental notebook that 350,000 doorbells were recalled ( due to a fire hazard. (“Customers do not need to return their devices.”)

▰ New DeLillo and Lethem novels released within a month of each other. The world could be in worse shape.

▰ Is there any way to find out which SoundCloud accounts one follows haven’t uploaded new tracks in over a year or two? I’d like to clean out the accounts I follow to make room to add new ones. Thanks.

▰ Fun fact: half the internet’s traffic is Netflix, and a solid quarter is boilerplate confidentiality statements at the end of emails.

▰ “Please wait for the host to start this meeting.”

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