Doom, Cardin, Gingerbread

From the past week

I do this manually each week, collating the tweets I made at that I want to keep track of. For the most part, this means ones I initiated, not ones in which I directly responded to someone. I sometimes tweak them a bit here.

▰ The final twist of 2020 was to, at the last minute, turn “doomscrolling” into a heartfelt communal activity celebrating Black artistry and hip-hop genius. RIP, MF Doom.

▰ Coulda sworn when I bought Brian Eno’s score to the Dieter Rams film (by mail order) on vinyl on Record Store Day that it was only gonna be on vinyl, and only for a limited time (as they say on TV), but now there’s a CD (my preferred format) due out.

▰ Pierre Cardin dies, and now I’ve got a 40-year-old song by Tom Waits in my head.

▰ Watched WarGames on New Year’s Eve. Didn’t recall it opens with Leo McGarry and Mr. Blonde as NORAD officers discussing pot horticulture, until they flub an ICBM test. I like to think McGarry went into politics, while Mr. Blonde washed out bitterly, then turned to violent crime.

▰ This morning’s early alarm clock (December 31): “A 3.6 magnitude earthquake occurred 4.35mi S of Muir Beach, CA.”

▰ Yesterday:
Whew, just one more day and 2020 is history. What could go wrong?

1. a pair of Bay Area earthquakes
2. MF Doom dead at age 49
3. ?

▰ Just a note about blogging habits: December 31, was the first time in 2020 that I looked at the Google Analytics for

▰ Confirmed my iPad’s face recognition doesn’t work when I have a gingerbread cookie dangling out of my mouth

▰ The green shoots of a new year are springing up. New Albion Records has announced that after a decade’s pause, it is starting up again. I’m ready for some Janice Giteck, Stuart Dempster, Ingram Marshall (Fog Tropes!) and so many other faves. New Albion was a huge part of my music education at the end of the previous millennium. (Found via Will Robin.)

▰ I’m on MeWe if that’s of interest (searchable by name).

▰ My Snares? Venetian.
My Porcini? Funki.
My Blaze? Just.
My Boys? Beastie.
My Knoll? Grassy.
My City? Naked.
My World? Under.

▰ Honk if you’ve taken your Nintendo DS out of a box for the first time in years and it’s still charged.

▰ Ambient music needs more trombones.

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