Current Favorites: Instagram Bits

Heavy rotation, lightly annotated

Another post in acknowledgement of the small bits of music that pop up on Instagram over the course of the week and are enchanting on loop. Instagram doesn’t particularly lend itself to the playlist treatment I do on YouTube.

▰ This is Sarah Belle Reid, based in Los Angeles, California, excerpted from a livestream concert, combining her flugelhorn with software and hardware synthesis:

▰ This is exactly the sort of lovingly sodden, deeply nostalgia-laden synthesis listeners of Orbital Patterns’ music have come to expect. He’s based in Rochester Hills, Michigan, and is one of my favorite modular synthesizer wizards:

▰ This is Todd Kleppinger, of Fairfax, Virginia, producing delightful melodic, rhythmic patterning on the Orca software, running on a Monome Norns Shield and stimulating an Elektron Digitakt.

▰ This is Mark Lentczner (aka Electric Kitchen, of Mountain View, California) producing industrial joy with a combination of the Recursive Machine and the Beebo from Poly Effects.

▰ Listening to UK-based Ryan Lerigo-Jones drum along with synth collaborators is one of my fave new pleasures:

I’m at, and I follow a vast amount of this.

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