Cameo x Patreon, CDs x R2D2

From the past week

I do this manually each Saturday, collating recent tweets I made at, my public notebook. Some tweets pop up (in expanded form or otherwise) on sooner. It’s personally informative to revisit the previous week of thinking out loud.

▰ My favorite morning sound remains the ice cubes clinking/fizzing in my coffee. I have a new one too. I hooked up a CD player/recorder so it’s always connected to my laptop when I’m at my desk, and in the morning when I turn everything on it emits delightful “R2D2 wakes up” whirs.

▰ Cameo, but 45-minute (real-time) music lessons from as wide an array of musicians as one could hope for. More like Cameo x Patreon.

▰ “Your pinky is like your secret weapon.”

(Thing I heard myself say in guitar class.)

(Lest there be any confusion in the matter, I am the student.)

▰ I find that music-making tools I’m drawn to are often those with active communities online. I then wonder what connection there is between building a community and building an instrument beyond both expressions including the word “build.”

▰ This week, Disquiet Junto participants share a protip and make music as an example ( These are some of ’em:

  • dragged mics
  • notepad miniatures
  • enforced re-use
  • over repetition
  • trying new things
  • wind organs
  • excising perfectionism

▰ And on that note, have a good weekend. Get fresh air. Listen as you do so. Thank someone who made the past year livable. Re-read a favorite book while focusing on a stylistic element or secondary plot. See you Monday, or maybe Tuesday.

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