A Way to Listen to Patzr Radio

Now up to episode 237!

The Patzr Radio podcast, its raw everyday noises coddled and collated, filtered and warped, by Jimmy Kipple, always surprises. What begins here as industrial whine gives way to a shuddering, a rabid flux, that is animal-like, maybe actual animals, such as the quick motion of sea creatures fleeing a net, or simply “-like,” some mechanical device nearing collapse from aeons of use and abuse.

The entries in this ongoing series (episode 237!) are short because they should be listened to on repeat. By the time you get to the end the first time, you understand more about where it began. When it begins anew, you understand the subsequent transitions better (when the whine dies out, when one sound transforms into another). And the more you listen, the more those changes take on compositional quality, the more the piece becomes a composition. Noises become motifs, transitions become development, and alterations become narrative.

And after listening to an episode on repeat, you’ll want to listen back to other episodes and sense how this piece helps unpack previous ones.

Track originally posted at soundcloud.com/patzr-radio.

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