Three Important Aspects of the Disquiet Junto

Per Jason Richardson

Jason Richardson, a longtime and prolific member of the Disquiet Junto community, posted this great short appreciation:

Here’s a lightly edited transcript of the short video:

The Disquiet Junto offers three aspects that I think are quite important.

The first is a direction, because Brian Eno had the idea that any creative project needed to outline the constraints, and this helps focus in on what you’re going to achieve.

The second is a timeframe. Duke Ellington famously said, “I don’t need time, I need a deadline,” and that’s my feeling that, particularly in the past when I wasn’t working: having a deadline really helped focus and make things happen.

The third part is the community, because you do get that feedback from people, but you also get to see how other people approach the project, and that expands your creative horizons.

I’m really grateful for the Disquiet Junto being part of my life and creative practice.

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