The Health of the Ship

One last trip with the Rocinante crew

The final volume of the nine-book (not counting novellas, comics, and six-season TV show) Expanse series was high on my list for end-of-2021 reads. But as the release dates overlapped, I put the final book in the three-volume Jade series by Fonda Lee first, and after it was done, I just wanted to delay the end of another series I’ve spent so much time with. I started volume nine, Leviathan Falls, a few months ago, but still wasn’t ready to say goodbye, so I put it down. It would never be a short goodbye, anyhow, as the book weighs in at 528 pages. I finally started again at the end of May, which meant re-experiencing this moment early on, when Naomi Nagata explores the ship, the Rocinante, that has carried her and her crew mates through so many adventures. She does so by listening, and by doing so, sensorially brings the reader, as well, into the hull for one last trip.

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