On Repeat: Ackerley, Eno, Lage/Frisell

Home/office playlist

Brief mentions each Sunday of my favorite listening from the week prior:

▰ Technically I’m in San Francisco, but otherwise I’ve spent much of the past week lost in the deep guitar drones of Jessica Ackerley’s late 2022 album Wave: Volume I.


▰ Enjoying “A Thought,” which is the vocal-free (or “voiceless”) edit of “Who Gives a Thought,” off Brian Eno’s 2022 album Foreverandevernomore. Hip-hop and r&b singles do this all the time: releasing the tracks without the vocals. More acts from other musical realms should, as well.


▰ I don’t watch a lot of “Shorts” on YouTube. The format just feels like a typical tech product FOMO replica of something from other apps, but I wasn’t going to miss this live bit of Julian Lage recording with Bill Frisell, both on acoustic guitars (there’s a bit of a League of Crafty Guitartists vibe to it at times, especially the arpeggiated moments). The song is “This World,” from a forthcoming album, The Layers (due out March 17). The album features the same lineup as the excellent View with a Room from last year: Lage’s trio of bassist Jorge Roeder and drummer Dave King, with Frisell joining in.

Here is the full track:

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