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This has been a long time coming, but I finally added some code to that allows MP3s to be played within given posts. You can try it right here:

[audio:|titles=”Fat Sal”|artists=Diego Bernal]

That little interface above will play one of my favorite recent Disquiet Downstream subjects, the crackling, static-encrusted, Satie-esque instrumental hip-hop of “Fat Sal” by Diego Bernal.

One other splendid thing about this audio player is it can create playlists of multiple MP3s in one single interface. Below are three great Buddha Machine remixes, by Kill Ugly Radio, Aymeric de Tapol with François Martig, and MediaSlinger. Note the little arrows that allow you to move backward and forward between cuts:

[audio:,,|titles=”Buddha Piano Triad”,”Ijslandgnol”,”Tired Buddha”|artists=Kill Ugly Radio,Aymeric de Tapol and François Martig,MediaSlinger]

All the posts on the front page of the site currently have this code implemented. I’m not going to go back through 13 years of posts to add the tags. I know there are some ways to implement this automatically, with other audio-player plugins, but after testing a bunch of them, I went with one that is elegant, simple, and takes care of exactly what’s needed. And I’ll continue to provide direct links to the MP3s, for downloading purposes.

Well, not all the posts on the front page of the site have the code implemented. The plugin player only works with linkable MP3s — so FLACs, WAVs, etc. will not work with it. Nor will MP3s (or any other source) archived within, say, a ZIP or RAR file. Still, the vast majority of legally freely circulating music on the Internet is in the MP3 format, so this doesn’t seem like a deal-breaker.

By the way, more on Diego Bernal, “Fat Sal,” and the album on which it appears in the February 16 entry. And more on that trio of Buddha Machine remixes at Kill Ugly Radio, Tapol/Martig, and MediaSlinger.

As for the audio-player plug-in, it is by developer Martin Laine, and it’s available for free at

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